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Let’s get your conference attendees passionate about their work.

When you’re lining up speakers for your next conference event, breakout session, or business meeting, you want to find people with expertise who can also inspire a passion for work that’s often so easy to lose.

My name is Johnny Sandquist. I’m a writer and marketing consultant who loves to talk about big ideas, meet new people, and create presentations that offer something different than the usual mixture of stats, graphs, and bullet point lists.

At the heart of it all, I want to leave your attendees not only feeling like marketing is a must for their business, but also knowing that they’ve been given information they can use to put their new knowledge into action.

And I want to communicate in a way that’s not boring.

So if you think your attendees would be into a speaker who uses pictures of Yoda, Arrested Development gifs, and pop culture memes to get a point across, then we should talk.


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These are the types of topics I like to speak about:

Creating Content That Connects: How and Why to Create a Client-First Marketing Strategy

It’s a fact; most of us love to talk about ourselves. When it comes to creating a focused message for your website, though, talking about yourself is the wrong approach. I’ll break down why it’s important to speak directly to your clients with second-person pronouns and how that technique affects your entire business approach.

Bridging the Attention Gap: Building a Marketing Strategy for Millennial Clients

Do millennial clients really have a different set of expectations than Gen X or Baby Boomers? Even if the core principles end up being the same, new technology and shifts in consumer attitudes are changing the approach that younger investors expect from financial professionals. We’ll get into robo-advisors, cryptocurrency, and of course, avocados.

Creating Simultaneous Experiences: The Future of the Client Experience for Advisors and Fintech

When you turn on Netflix, your favorite shows autoplay without intervention. While you ride the subway to work, you catch a quick gaming session on your phone or Nintendo Switch. The way in which we use technology has moved from being a focused experience to a simultaneous one. We’ll work through how that larger shift will play into the expectations investors have of their engagements with their advisors.

Marketing is More Than Being Authentic: How Empathy Drives the Best Communication Opportunities

Anyone’s who has been around marketing for any length of time is familiar with the idea of being authentic. It’s an idea that has become productized and overdone. While acting in an authentic way is important, I believe the key to a more successful communication strategy goes beyond that. When a marketing and communications strategy begins with real empathy toward the client and prospect and the needs they’re facing, real success follows.

Creating Consistent Content: How to Update Your Digital Presence Without Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s easy to say you want to blog once a week, but it’s a whole other ballgame once you hit week three and you’ve been staring at a blank document for two hours. We’ll talk about the different approaches you can take to creating content to make consistent production less of a hassle, and more of an inspiring routine that keeps creativity bubbling at the surface.

Johnny Sandquist Financial Services Speaker

Where I’ve Been Lately


Silver Oak Securities, Inc. 2018 National Sales and Leadership Conference - Session on Content That Connects: Why and How to Create a Client-First Marketing Strategy


Morningstar Investment Conference - Member of the Social/Digital Hub and panel participant in Finding Your Authentic Voice And Standing Out As The Real Deal in a Noisy, Digital World and Using the Devices You’ve Already Got to Build Reputation And Share-Of-Mind with Target Markets

In the past, I’ve also had the opportunity to serve as a regular host of Orion Advisor Services’ Orion Weekly video series, which updated financial advisors on the company’s latest product releases as well as industry news. You can click here to view one of my favorite episodes (oh, and here’s another one).

You can also get a sense of what I look and sound like by watching my bi-weekly Park and Talk videos, where I briefly give my thoughts on marketing in the financial services industry. I post these on social media and you can usually find my latest update pinned on my Twitter profile (right here).


Where You Can Find Me Next

I’m currently finalizing additional engagements for Fall 2019. Stay Tuned!



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