Riskalyze Keynote Summary from the Fearless Investing Summit 2019

[Update: You can now watch an on-demand video of the keynote here.]

Boston is a fitting place for Riskalyze to host its third-annual Fearless Investing Summit. 

With its history of being at the center of America’s legacy of freedom, there’s really not a better city for Riskalyze to preach its message of innovation and independence for advisors. 

The second day of the Summit had its fair share of all-star panels with well-known advisors, journalists, and technology pundits, but the big show was the Riskalyze keynote where CEO Aaron Klein and the team unveiled their technology updates and vision for the year ahead.

Let’s take a look at all the big announcements Riskalyze unveiled.

Connection Opportunities for Students

Riskalyze partners with universities to provide free access to its platform so students studying to be advisors one day can graduate with experience using the tools they’ll have in their own firms one day. 

At the Summit, Riskalyze brought four students and a professor from Penn State onstage. Riskalyze not only gave each a ticket to the Fearless Investing Summit 2020, they also partnered with FA Match to connect each student with job interviews with participating firms on that platform.

Integrations Everywhere

You can begin to gauge the importance of a financial services conference by the amount of news released during it, and the Riskalyze Summit had its fair share of news, especially when it comes to new integrations.

Here’s the list:

Next-Gen Risk Assessment

Riskalyze has always had to risk assessments—a simple one clients can do on their own, and a detailed version designed for a more rigorous process. The NextGen Risk Assessment that Riskalyze unveiled does three core things:

  • Delivers consistency in methodology and results

  • Features an updated user interface and workflow that can be used by anyone

  • Helps educate clients about how risk and return are deeply intertwined

Advisors on the Riskalyze platform will be able to opt-in to the new assessment soon.

Marketing Support for Advisors

Fintech firms offering marketing support for advisor is the hot new trend. Riskalyze has offered a marketing kit for advisors for some time, but today they exploded what they’re providing—including a very cool new personalized video that can be set up in minutes according to the keynote.

I already typed out what’s covered in the updated kit in a tweet, so I’ll let that do the talking for me:

Stats and More Stats

Riskalyze has offered Stats to give advisors a way to get detailed portfolio insights. Today they announced a more robust enhancement that dives down to the individual asset level.

Individual security analysis gives insights into a fund usage history throughout an advisor’s firm, and it even allows advisors to test adjustments to a portfolio so they can preview changes before they decide to make them.

Select and Elite

While the Riskalyze team swapped speakers, similar to how you might see various product owners take the stage at an Apple tech event, Aaron Klein was the one to announce an update to the provider’s service tiers.

Riskalyze Select includes some of the features covered in this post, plus the ability to add custom questions to the NextGen Risk Assessment. It’s targeted more toward smaller firms.

Riskalyze Elite, on the other hand, is the more powerful package. It includes all the features like Detailed Portfolio Stats, Individual Security Analysis, and the Advisor Marketing Kit update.

Pricing starts at $250/month for Riskalyze Select, $350/month for Riskalyze Elite, and $450/month for enterprise setups.

Connected Trading with Flyer

Flyer seems to be the firm powering trading for most of the fintech world at this point and by adding Riskalyze, they’re taking even greater command of trade processing.

In fact, Flyer CEO Brian Ross said during his segment that Flyer will process over $4 trillion by the end of the year. Insert your favorite “wow” emoji here.

Connected Trading, powered by Flyer, will automate the trade execution process in Riskalyze Autopilot. The platform will show as trades and blocks are filled in real-time so there’s no manual file upload required. It’s “click a button and done” trade execution.

The initial custodian partners include TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Schwab, Pershing, and RBC.

That’s the roundup of the 2019 Fearless Investing Summit Riskalyze keynote. Jump into the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #FISummit to follow along with everyone’s reactions to everything happening at the conference this week.

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Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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