Why You Should Be Excited to Attend AdvisorEngine >drive summit 2019

In the midst of all the many advisor conferences available throughout the year, there exists a sub-category of events tailored only to users of specific software providers.

These user conferences are opportunities for advisors to connect with peers who use the same software, and take their vendor knowledge to ever-greater depths.

One of those conferences, AdvisorEngine’s >drive summit 2019, takes place next week in Carlsbad, California, and I’m honored to be a part of it as a speaker, and also as the man behind the Social Media Cam. I’ll be there from start to finish to get advisor attendees’ takes on what’s hot in the industry.

Here’s what I think >drive summit attendees should be most excited about next week.

  1. Keynote from Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s First Female Official

    I’m a huge football fan at all levels, but my passion for the NFL’s Denver Broncos runs deep (though not quite as deep as my love for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers). I love hearing from those involved in the league, and a chance to hear about Sarah Thomas’ rise up the officiating ranks to become the NFL’s first female official is seriously going to be an inspiring, can’t-miss hour.

  2. User Groups and Workflow Sessions

    As a former employee of a portfolio management vendor, I’ve been to more than a few software user conferences in my day, and user groups and workflow sessions are one of the main reasons why advisors attend. While remote training is great, getting that chance to bounce ideas off other users and see how they’re tackling everyday problems with shared software is an undeniable advantage to attending.

  3. Expert Bar

    It’s not a bar where you can order beer, wine, or cocktails—it’s a bar where you can order up advanced Junxure knowledge. Throughout the conference, you can walk up to any number of Junxure employees, all experts in their areas, to ask your technical questions and get answers served up faster than your hotel’s bartender can mix together an Old Fashioned.

  4. A Focused Group of Peers

    The people who attend a conference are, to me, the real reason why that event either gets rated great or so-so when it’s all over. When you attend a user conference like >drive summit, you know that the other advisors who will be there are focused on the same thing as you—namely, becoming more proficient and advanced users of the Junxure CRM. In fact, about 98% of attendees will be Junxure users. That singular focus helps keep you on target with what you need to do to come away from the event feeling successful.

  5. Aaron Klein’s Keynote

    Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, is one of the most dynamic speakers in wealth management and I always enjoy hearing from him. Aaron could talk about the Dodgers for sixty minutes and I’d probably still be entertained, even though I haven't been interested in major league baseball since before I could grow a beard (if you’re trying to age me from that comment, that particular milestone happened later in life than any grown man should admit online). The topic of Aaron’s talk hasn’t been revealed yet, but he’s presenting on the final morning, so be sure you don’t skip out early and miss it.

  6. Junxure’s Future Product Roadmap

    Here we go, another super-popular reason why attendees love attending user conferences. You get a peek inside what the Junxure braintrust is developing with a future product roadmap session. Whether you’re a power user with ten years under your belt or a newbie who just signed up for the CRM, a future product gaze is relevant for everyone and gives you a look at the new innovative solutions you can look forward to using.

  7. Women’s Leadership Breakfast

    Fact: More diversity in financial services is needed, and a lot more work on that front needs to be done. There are a growing number of women advisor networks getting established, though, and focused sessions like this one can also help to empower more women to lead in the financial advice profession. That’s why I’m excited to see Kathy Crowley, Katie Taylor, and Erin Kincheloe lead what they’re calling a “women-empowering-women session.” It’s another step forward in creating an industry that looks more like the America we live in each and every day.

  8. The Junxure Social Cam

    This last one is totally a pitch for myself (#sorrynotsorry). I’ll be running the Junxure Social Cam during the conference, and I want to talk to advisors (like you!) to hear about their experiences with Junxure, what they learned at the conference, and where they think the profession is going in the next five years. So if you want to polish up your camera skills and get a one-minute video to post to your social media accounts, make sure you visit me in the Social Cam booth. I can’t wait to meet you!

And one more thing: I’d also love to have you join me at 11:15 am on Wednesday, September 25th as I discuss how to “Create Content That Connects.” We’ll be diving into methods you can use to more effectively reach clients online and make emotional connections.

What are  you most looking forward to at AdvisorEngine >drive summit this year? Hit me up on Twitter to let me know or figure out a good time for you to come visit the Social Cam. 

Here’s to a great couple of days in Carlsbad!


Disclaimers: I am receiving compensation to attend the AdvisorEngine >drive summit 2019. Riskalyze, also mentioned in this post, is a client of Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing.

Featured Image: Photo by Julian Howard on Unsplash